At Yoga in Bowness, we truly believe that yoga is for everyone, and we support this through making our classes accessible. Many of our classes are open level, for new yogis and experienced yogis to enjoy together: modifications for more advanced postures are offered, and the use of props and supports used to build a practice that best suits you. We offer many different styles of yoga classes, so you can try them all and see what works best for you. Use the icons and descriptions of our classes to find what suits you and what you’re looking for, and  feel free to email Ashley from some guidance through our offerings:


Drop-in classes

These are our basics and favorites (the regularly offered classes) that you will find at Yoga in Bowness, every-week, year-round. A wide variety of many types of classes to suit any yogi, and make it easy to attend whenever you like. No need to preregister or reserve your spot, just come in and enjoy.


Series classes

This is our 6 course meal - pre-planned to perfection. Yoga that fits your life at a specific point, and dives a little deeper into your special interest, eg: Yoga for Backs, Prenatal, Baby & Me, Boomers Yoga, Yoga for Men, and Yoga for Kids. Classes generally run for 4, 6, or 8 weeks at a time, with breaks in between series (so be sure to check the schedule to see when classes are running). Each class in the series will build on from the previous lessons learned to help you continue to expand your practice over the course of the series. These specialty classes offer you the opportunity to preregister for the full series (recommended) and get a discount, or you can drop-in for a taste here and there. Series class passes and prices are separate from Drop-in classes.


Yoga Mix classes

Think of this as our seasonal menu - keeping things fresh and relevant to the times - a monthly creation from the pros on their mats! These specialty classes and workshops offer something different than what you might find on our usual schedule, so you can dive deeper into your practice. Classes are all preregistered, sign-up early for a discount (and to ensure your spot). Yoga Mix class passes and prices are separate from Drop-in classes, and are priced individually.