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These are our basics and favorites (the regularly offered classes) that you will find at Yoga in Bowness year-round.

At Yoga in Bowness, we truly believe that yoga is for everyone, and we support this through making our classes accessible. Many of our classes are open level: for new and experienced yogis to enjoy together: modifications for more advanced postures are offered, and the use of props and supports used to build a practice that best suits you. We offer many different styles of yoga classes so you explore & find what you need - which may vary on any given day / week. Have a look over our drop-in class menu to see what might suit your taste and needs, or feel free to email our team for some guidance through our offerings: info@yogainbowness.com, or clientsupport@yogainbowness.com.

Drop-in classes can be attended using any of our Drop-in Passes, or with a single Drop-in fee of $16. For more pass options CLICK HERE.

You can sign-up for our Drop-in Classes in advance, to reserve your spot for 5 minutes prior to class start times. If you are not in attendance by that time, you will be removed from the class, and will NOT be charged for your visit. You do not need to sign-up in advance, and walk-ins will be accommodated in any Drop-in class up to 5 minutes prior to class start times.

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Common Yoga Terms Defined:

Vinyasa = a short sequence of movements intended to build heat and begin to activate and release muscles. Postures include Tadasana (mountain pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward fold), Chaturanga Dandasana (low plank), Urdva muka Svanasana (upward dog / Cobra), Adho muka Svanasana (Downward Dog), and sometimes others.

Sun Salutations = similar to a vinyasa, this sequence begins and ends in standing, and is a great way to warm up the whole body, and "salute the sun"

Asana = posture

Pranayama = breathwork

Meditation = Focusing the Mind

Downward dog = common yoga asana

Intro to Yoga - By Donation!


Karma Classes are BY DONATION! Currently, our Intro to Yoga class is running as a Karma Class. Attend this class twice / month – on the FIRST & LAST Saturdays of the month at 1:30pm, and pay-what-you-can! See teachers, class dates, and sign up for classes online for FREE on our live schedule HERE.

This is the perfect class for those new to yoga, and anyone looking to strengthen their foundations in yoga. You will learn the basic postures as we break down and workshop standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and sun salutations. We will use props to help with alignment, and will introduce pranayama (breathing techniques), restorative, and meditation. This class will leave any aspiring yogi prepared to move into any drop-in class with confidence, and the ability to modify postures for themselves when needed.


*NEW* Gentle Yoga & Nidra

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An experience in moving from the body to the mind, to create a great sense of calm, clarity, and alignment in your life. Class will begin with some gentle movement & asana to release tension, move energy, and prepare the body & mind for a more comfortable and focused meditative practice. Following this, you’ll settle into a comfortable reclining posture for a guided practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to completely relax the body & calm the mind for some time in silent meditation. Class will close with some mantra and mudras, and a short savasana, to ground and bring the intelligence of the meditation back into your life so that you can live from that inspired place. You will be given different techniques using props, mantra and breath work to help support you in all of these practices. This class is suitable for all levels / abilities of students, and there is NO previous experience necessary.

Yoga for Backs *Previously a registered series class

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Building a New You! One of the endless number of things your body does automatically is replace old cells with healthy new ones. It's happening right now: New stomach lining cells, every 5 days, New skin cells, every 28 days, New liver cells, every 42 days, etc. Your body creates millions of new cells every hour. This renewal process replaces the old you with a whole new you, allowing you to heal. It's also why continued spinal aligning and balancing care is so helpful, but more than that it's essential. Your body relies on your current pattern and structure as a guide for the placement of new cells. Regular alignment care helps establish new, healthier patterns and structures.

Using the specialized props and principals of Critical Alignment Therapy, this class will guide you through a series of exercises, to release tension patterns and open tight areas. As you mindfully move through therapeutic postures, you will build an awareness of your body and work to develop more effective movement patterns, to improve your physical well-being. 

*This class is NOT APPROPRIATE for students with certain current spinal injuries. Students are encouraged to discuss any health concerns, conditions and/or injuries with their doctor and instructor before attending class.



Yoga Flow

Playful, mindful movement in the form of an easeful flow that will create a bit of heat, diffuse tension, and help to re-energize the body and mind for the rest of the day ahead. Postures and sequences invite participants to practice developing focus and stability while moving into sometimes challenging postures, or settling into stillness.  Staying connected to the present moment, through observation of your body, breath, energy and mind, provide an opportunity to deepen awareness on and off the mat. 



Integrated Vinyasa Yoga

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A flexible fusion of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga designed to connect alignment, breath and mindfulness into a multi-level active practice. You will build up heat through movement and challenge yourself through dynamic growth of postures. Inspired by years dance and movement training, a committed Ashtanga Yoga practice, and studies in Ayurvedic healing and Buddhist meditation. This class is the gatherings of these practices and how they come together informing how we practice to create balance and connection to all parts of ourselves.


Breath & Restore

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The perfect class to add to your week to restore and reset with clarity, calm and connection! This class will integrate Pranayama, restorative yoga, meditation and sometimes essential oils.

Exploring the more subtle approaches of yoga. The therapeutic work of subtle breathing exercises with meditation and restorative postures work deeply on our body systems and brain to create a bridge between the body and our consciousness. Bringing awareness to the deeper aspects of ourselves, and building a set of tools for reducing stress and connecting to self and others. A great class on it's own or to extend your practice from the active asana class before.


Just Yin

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A perfect complement to a more dynamic yoga practice, or other strenuous or repetitive activities. Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body creating space in ligaments, fascia and even our bones and joints - which are not often accessed in more active styles of yoga. Though many postures may seem more '“simple”, Yin can be quite challenging too - as supported but active postures are held for longer times, and practiced in stillness for a quiet and meditative practice that will also help train the mind to respond skillfully to difficult circumstances.


Rise & Shine Yoga

Focusing on breath, movement, strength building postures and sequences to build energy for your day ahead. Each day will be a little bit different, offering new ideas, postures, transitions, and experiences to keep things fun and interesting, and teaching impermanence on all levels.  Start your day with this class and you’ll notice an immediate difference in your energy levels, alertness, and ability to manage stress throughout your whole day.



Yin & Restore

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This 75-minute class will offer a series of yin poses and breathwork for stretching and opening the body, as well as some more supported, longer-held, relaxing restorative poses and savasana. Each class will include postures to release tension and relax most parts of the body, including hips, shoulders, hamstrings, and chest. Students will be offered modifications for postures if needed, and as always will be encouraged to listen to their own bodies while practicing.



Hips'n Hammies

This class will focus on opening and strengthening areas of the body that support happy healthy hips and hamstrings, in a yang-yin format. Beginning with more movement and standing postures to warm and strengthen muscles, and winding down with longer holds in postures to get into deeper openings. Great for people who spend a lot of time sitting, and extreme athletes alike - this class will work into the most over-used and overly tight areas of the body - the hips and hamstrings.


Restorative Nidra

An excellent class for deep relaxation, and finding deeper openings in your body. There are no vinyasas, downward dogs, or sun-salutations here. You will rest into supported postures, staying long periods of time, to allow the body to open, release, and deeply relax. Following the comfortable restorative postures, you’ll settle into a longer savasana, where you’ll be guided through a meditation called yoga nidra (or yogic sleep). Focusing and calming the mind, and creating positive changes from an authentic place is the purpose of this meditation. Great for those who are new to yoga, recovering from injuries, or just want to take a break from a hectic life.




In this 60 minute class, you will have a well-rounded practice flowing through postures, and longer holds in asanas (postures) with pranayama (breath work), and a brief meditation. Modifications will be offered, props used, and students are encouraged to individualize their practice while being led in a group setting.



"A powerfully aligned experience", it is not uncommon to sweat in this class by working hard and intelligently, instead of pushing with force.  This strengthening class moves at a slower pace and keeps focus on alignment of your core, spine and breath, challenging you to pay attention to details and be present in the moment. You are provided with plenty of time to properly move into and out of postures with options to challenge your strength and flexibility to your own degree. After working your whole body, the class closes with a deep relaxation meditation. Beginners to advanced practitioners are encouraged to join in this purposeful class.


Gentle Flow & Restore


This class is about unwinding and releasing stress. The postures will gently flow, harmoniously together and help to promote a sense of well-being and release. With low lights and soothing music, students will be encouraged to allow themselves to let go of whatever they need to and to settle into a space of ease and grace. Ending with comforting restorative postures and a long savasana to leave you feeling rested and restored.


Strength and Balance

An invigorating sequence that concentrates on keeping the integrity of postures while strengthening and toning muscles. You will move through vinyasas to warm and open up, and mindfully set up stronger postures to ensure proper alignment while keeping awareness of your breath.


Kundalini Yoga

An energetic form of yoga that focuses on the pranic (vital life force) body. This practice is a departure from the traditional hatha inspired asana practices: there are no downward dogs, or sun-salutations here. Postures are practiced often in repetitive (and sometimes vigorous) movement, to encourage the removal of physical, emotional, and mental blockages. The use of mantra (sound current through chant and song), and mudra (hand positions), are incorporated to create a potent mixture for energy stimulating & channeling. Each class will have a different focus, working through warm-up movements and exercises, a specific kriya (group of postures), deep relaxation, and meditation, for a well-rounded practice that leaves you feeling clear, connected, confident and at ease in life. Though teachers will often wear all white & a head covering, students are welcome to wear whatever you’re comfortable in.