Yoga in Bowness is a community focused yoga space centrally located in the North-West Calgary community of Bowness. 

We firmly believe that Yoga is for everyone, and can help to build a better community ­ in Bowness, in Calgary, in North America, and the world.  

Our vision is to make yoga available to everyone by keeping it affordable, accessible and approachable, and our business is based around these 3 pillars: 

  • ­ Affordable: we are committed to offering comparable classes at a lower price than other nearby yoga studios.
  • ­ Accessible: Yoga classes that almost anyone can enjoy. We ensure that all of our classes offer modifications and variations on postures so that each student can get an experience that works for them and their body. If you have specific concerns or injuries, our instructors are knowledgeable and will be able to suggest which type of class may be best for you, or if you might find more benefit from a private session to begin. 
  • ­ Approachable: Yoga shouldn’t be scary or intimidating, or create a space that encourages competition, or exclusion. YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that is warm, welcoming, and inclusive. ­ Everyone is welcome! 

Yoga in Bowness began as a small community yoga group, offering classes out of the Irish Cultural Center. After a few years, and a change in ownership, it was apparent that this small community center based group had grown to a place where we could (and wanted to) offer more: more classes, more teachers, and more opportunities for more people to bring yoga into their lives. In January of 2014, Yoga in Bowness opened its doors to our very own space, where we are able to offer classes every day of the week, and many different types of classes, with many different instructors. We are very excited to be a more prominent part of the community, and have our own space that you can visit us in around class times.