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Thinking about trying yoga for the first time? Here's a few tips to help you get ready for a great experience at Yoga in Bowness.

Yoga in Bowness has a space complete with washrooms, change rooms, storage space for your belongings, and a comfortable visiting area to stay and enjoy tea with friends or some reading before or after class.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class time to get signed in and settled. Note that the doors to our space may be locked at the start of class time, and late attendees may not be able to enter.

READ the YOGA ETIQUETTE to prepare yourself properly

FIND answers to your questions in the FAQs

SEE what other students say about us in TESTIMONIALS


  • Do not eat right before class. If you must eat, have a something light at least 1-2 hours prior to class.

  • On your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes before class time to get singed in and settled.

  • Arrive for classes early to get yourself set-up and settled, and ensure you're not disrupting other students or the teacher.

  • If signing up for classes online, please honor your commitment to attending class.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, bring water and a yoga mat.

  • Leave your shoes (and ego) at the front door.

  • Turn off cell phones, and leave them with your belongings in the dressing room.

  • Keep conversations quiet & to a minimum inside the practice space - you are welcome to talk in our reception area before and after classes.

  • Inform your instructor of any health concerns or injuries prior to class.

  • Listen to the cues that your instructor is giving you, it is for your own safety. Adjustments may be offered to help you find a more comfortable posture, or to deepen the posture.

  • Most importantly, listen to your body! Move slowly and mindfully into postures you're new to, and if you ever feel pain from something, slowly come out and ask your instructor for assistance.




Q: How do I get to Yoga in Bowness?

A: Yoga in Bowness is located in the heart of Bowness, right on Bowness Road and 64 Street. We are in the same building as Hexters, Subway & Servus Credit Union, where there is a HUGE FREE PARKING LOT in the back (behind the building). If you bike or walk, you can easily follow paths and sidewalks from other areas of the city right to our doors. Our entrance is right off the parking lot (in the back of the building), and you’ll follow the signs to our cozy and welcoming space.


Q: When are you open?

A: You can visit us in our space around class hours - 30 minutes prior to, and after classes begin. Occasionally we do have someone to welcome you during classes as well, but often the doors will be closed and locked during class.


Q: Do you have hot yoga?

A: No. We practice many styles of yoga, but not in a heated room. Our room is kept at a warm and comfortable temperature, where you can enjoy an energetic heat building practice, or comfortably settle into a deep relaxation practice.


Q: Do I have to preregister for classes?

A: Our weekly, regular drop-in schedule of classes accept drop-ins, though you may choose to sign-up for the classes in advance online to ensure your spot. As well, our Series classes may allow for drop-ins if space permits, for a separate fee.


Q: If I sign up for classes online, and don't show up, will I be charged?

A: Our drop-in classes generally have enough space, that we can accommodate everyone who wants to attend: online sign-ups and those who show-up in person. If you're signing up for drop-in classes online, we do ask that you honor your comitment to attend the class, however there will be no penalty if you are for some reason unable to make it. For Series & Yoga Mix classes, all registrations are final, and non-refundable. Your pass will be allocated to the class(es) it is intended for, whether you were in attendance or not.


Q: Do you have a space to hang out in before or after class, or while I’m waiting for my kids to finish classes?

A: Yes! We have a beautiful and comfortable space with lots of seating and cozy pillows, accompanied by magazines, books, and tea for you to enjoy. Come early or stay after class and catch up with a friend over tea.


Q: Do I need to bring a yoga mat with me?

A: If you have your own mat, it is preferable to bring it and practice on your own mat. If you do not have one, we have a few rental mats for $2 / day, and some very affordably priced mats to start your practice with.


Q: Do you have parking?

A: YES - Lots of it! Yoga in Bowness has over 100 FREE and available parking spots in a lit and cleared lot right outside our door. There is also unlimited Free street parking surrounding our building.


Q: How many people are in your classes?

A: Though our classes vary greatly in numbers, we pride ourselves in our smaller class sizes in our spacious practice space, giving everyone lots of room to reach far beyond their mat without touching their neighbor. Classes during the week days will often have anywhere between 5 - 10 people, and evening and weekend classes are usually between 5 - 25 people.


Q: If I’m running late, can I still come into class?

A: Late comers will try to be accommodated, after-all we’re human too and know that life happens and sometimes you’re behind. However, if there is no-one to stay at the front desk, then the doors will be locked a few minutes after class has started. It’s best to try to be here at least 10 minutes early, and if you’re a few minutes late, you might get lucky.


Q: What is the Yoga Mix?

A: The Yoga Mix is not a class, it is a time-slot in our regular schedule where we offer a weekly workshop or specialty class. Something different than you might find on our regular schedule. Classes can be pre-registered for a discount, or droped in to. See what’s happening in our weekly Yoga Mix here (insert link to Yoga Mix page)


Q: Can I drop-in to the Yoga Mix and series classes?

A: Sometimes. The Series classes have a smaller class limit (maximum students), and registration is encouraged. However, if the class is not full, drop-ins are welcome on the day of class. Yoga Mix classes (specialty classes and workshops), are mostly preregistered only. If space permits and the class format allows for it, drop-ins may be permitted.


Q: Can I bring water into class?

A: YES! We encourage you to stay hydrated for your practice. This includes drinking water before class, taking small sips during class, and drinking lots of water after class. Please ensure that the container you bring in has a lid, so it will not spill.


Q: What temperature is your practice space kept at?

A: We moderate the temperature of the practice space with floor heaters that are kept around 23 degrees celsius. However in classes that have more people and lots of movement, the room will become warmer.


Q: Do you have showers in your space?

A: No. We do not have showers here, though we do have change rooms and washrooms for your use.


See what other Yoga in Bowness students have to say …

The following are true statements and feedback provided to Yoga in Bowness anonymously:

“I don't see how it is possible to make my experience better, YIB is a very great place. You have made me feel very welcome and accepted here. YIB is a combination of warmth, energy, and serenity all rolled into one.”

“My experience at Yoga in Bowness has been fantastic so far. I wasn't sure what to expect and haven't practiced yoga in years. All of the instructors have been wonderful and welcoming. Thank you!”

“The instructors are very kind and class atmosphere is peaceful. They always perform with us. Never push or pressure on our mentally. I Love Yoga in Bowness.”

“I appreciate the new setting: clean, welcoming, interesting, safe, lots of free parking. I like the atmosphere: welcoming, accepting (non-threatening), positive, professional, informal. Well done!”

“Keep doing what you are already doing ....it's a treasure to have your presence in our community.”

“I like the variety of classes, the friendly atmosphere and that it's for affordable for everyone.”

“the instructors are among the best in the city”

“I think your instructors all share your vision of yoga. They all seem so skilled in their different aspects of yoga they trained in and like you, are very kind and caring.”

“I truly love the studio. All the teachers make it possible for anyone to do yoga.”

“Love the studio and what you are already doing…it has a great vibe to it and I feel the love.”

“You guys are doing an amazing job! Thank you for providing a welcoming, adaptable place for my friends and I to get involved with this great and relaxing exercise.”

“I love the regular schedule. It's nice to know that I can plan around attending certain classes. I've been to other studios where the schedule changes every week and that is just not easy to navigate. Thanks for doing such a great job with the schedule!”

“The new space has been amazing, as have all the options! Thank you for everything, we are so lucky to have you in our community.”