At Yoga in Bowness, we strongly believe that yoga is for everyone and should be made available to everyone – so we try to keep our classes as affordable as possible, and are proud to offer some of the cheapest prices in the city!

Our regular DROP-IN schedule has a variety of classes at different times, every day of the week, that you can attend with a drop-in pass (or a single drop-in), and our SERIES and YOGA MIX classes are priced with you in mind.

*Please note our accepted methods of payment are Cash, Cheque, Visa or Mastercard. We DO NOT take Debit at this time. All of our pass prices listed are subject to GST. Purchases are non-transferable, and non-refundable, and pass expiration dates will not be extended.

UNLIMITED memberships

The following membership options allow students unlimited access to any of our drop-in classes. These options are the best deal for those attending 2 or more classes / week.

New Member 4 week unlimited: $42 including GST

New members (those who have purchased no more than 3 drop-in classes at Yoga in Bowness) can purchase 4 weeks of unlimited drop-in yoga classes for only $42 (includes GST)! This is the CHEAPEST PASS WE OFFER - and SAVES YOU MONEY if you're thinking of coming to even just 3 classes over 4 weeks (3 x drop-in = $48). Come to as many drop-in classes as you like within the 4 weeks time period: try one, or try them all! Click image to BUY NOW!


Save money, and enjoy exclusive benefits with an

Unlimited Auto-pay membership!

  • Cost: $85+GST charged to your credit card every 4 weeks.

  • UNLIMITED access to all of our Drop-in classes!

  • Our CHEAPEST PASS if you come to class just 2 times / week = $10.63+GST / class.

  • Minimum 12 week commitment (3 payments), & can be paused or cancelled anytime after that point with written notice (email is acceptable) a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the next payment date for cancellations.

  • No need to bring in cash or your credit card. Avoid receiving annoying reminders about your pass expiring - charges AUTOMATICALLY go through and renews your pass for as long as you want (until we receive notice to pause or cancel)!

  • Auto-pay members receive 10% off select retail at Yoga in Bowness.

  • You also get 10% off of Yoga Mix and Series class passes. Discount applies only to FULL series pass (eg: 8 or 6 week series).


4 weeks unlimited: $95 ($99.75 includes GST)

Attend as many drop-in classes as you like in the 4 week period. This is the best deal if you are attending 2+ classes / week ($12.47 / class at 2 classes / week), but don't plan on being around for more than the 4 weeks. Auto-pay membership is cheaper option, and includes benefits, for those who plan to attend classes continuously. See above.

Other passes for drop-in classes

Single class: $16 (includes GST) = $16 / class. If you're new to our space, and thinking of coming to a few classes - the NEW MEMBER 4 week unlimited pass is CHEAPER! $42 (includes GST) gives you 4 WEEKS of UNLIMITED access to all of our drop-in classes! This is cheaper than just 3 drop-ins! Click the image at the top of the page to BUY NOW.

5 class pass: $70 ($73.50 includes GST) = $14.70 / class

10 class pass: $130 ($136.50 includes GST) = $13.65 / class

20 class pass: $240 ($252.00 includes GST) = $12.60 / class

Receive 10% off your next 5, 10, or 20 class pass purchase when you renew prior to your existing pass completion or expiration. Call, email, or pay in person to receive discount.

*Single drop-in, 5, 10, and 20 class passes expire 12 months from purchase date. All passes are non-transferable, and non-refundable



Series prices

Series passes apply only to the series dates for which you are registering, and do not transfer over to other future, past or other series. Please check series classes & dates on our website & in your registration.

Prenatal Yoga:     6 weeks $96+GST.   Drop-in $18+GST

Baby and Me:      6 weeks $96+GST.   Drop-in $18+GST

Yoga for Kids:      6 weeks $120+GST.   Drop-in $15+GST

Boomers Yoga:    6 weeks $96+GST.    Drop-in $18+GST

Yoga Thrive: 10 weeks $115+GST. Drop-in $15+GST

Liberated Practice: 6 weeks $120+GST. Drop-in $24+GST

*Series passes are non-transferable, and non-refundable. Registration is encouraged, as class sizes are limited, and drop-ins are allowed only when there is space.



Yoga Mix prices

Yoga mix classes are individually priced, and are not included in the drop-in or unlimited passes.  A discounted rate is offered for early registration for these classes. Prices for each special event are listed next to the Yoga Mix class or workshop.

*Yoga Mix passes are non-transferable, and non-refundable.