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This is our 6 course meal, pre-­planned to perfection. These specialty classes offer a more specific approach to yoga, to meet your needs. Throughout the course of the series, you'll develop new skills and understandings about the practice and gain the benefits you seek. We recommend registering for the whole series to get the full experience (Plus you'll get a discount), or you can drop-­in for a taste here and there. Class sizes are LIMITED so you are assured to get a more personal experience. Please note that Series class passes are specific for the series class and dates you are registering for, and are non-transferable, and non-refundable.

MOVIE CLUB - like a book club but better!

Back this Fall.

Agreat way to continue your understanding & practice in yoga, off your mat! Join us for a FREE MOVIE showing in our space, followed by discussion that explores themes from the film and how they relate to yoga. This is a fun casual way to deepen your understanding and practice in yoga. This is not a class, and there is no guided practice. All are welcome to come enjoy a FREE FILM and popcorn on us! Wear comfy clothes and slippers, and join us in a cozy home-style theater. Props and supports are available, and tea, water, and popcorn will be served. Stay after the film for discussion. 

LEARN, be INSPIRED and ENJOY our space in a new light. Sign-up online (click button to the right), or just SHOW UP!

Yoga for Backs, with Bridgette Shaw-Bane

MONDAYS 4:45-5:45pm. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

Class is LIMITED to 10 students.
4 week series: $64 + GST. Drop-in (if space permits) $18 + GST

Building a New You!

One of the endless number of things your body does automatically is replace old cells with healthy new ones. It's happening right now: New stomach lining cells, every 5 days, New skin cells, every 28 days, New liver cells, every 42 days, etc. Your body creates millions of new cells every hour. This renewal process replaces the old you with a whole new you, allowing you to heal. It's also why continued spinal aligning and balancing care is so helpful, but more than that it's essential. Your body relies on your current pattern and structure as a guide for the placement of new cells. Regular alignment care helps establish new, healthier patterns and structures.

Using the specialized props and principals of Critical Alignment Therapy, this class will guide you through a series of exercises, to release tension patterns and open tight areas. As you mindfully move through therapeutic postures, you will build an awareness of your body and work to develop more effective movement patterns, to improve your physical well-being. 

*This class is NOT APPROPRIATE for students with certain current spinal injuries. Students are encouraged to discuss any health concerns, conditions and/or injuries with their doctor and instructor before attending class.


Ages 3-7, Tuesdays 4-5pm. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

Ages 8-12, with Alë Veffer: Thursdays 4-5pm. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.


Our kids classes are everything parents could hope for in an extra-curricular activity: a fantastic creative outlet for imaginative minds, non-competitive physical fitness, and developing great social skills with other children.

Our Kids Yoga classes will teach children important skills and lessons that they will carry with them through the rest of their lives. We focus on physical fitness and building strength in developing bodies, social skills by encouraging group and partner work, and also manage to calm things down with short guided meditations that teach your child relaxation techniques.

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 lead busy and exciting lives… it is not only important to make sure that they are getting lots of physical activity and learning new things, but also to help them develop positive coping mechanisms that they are able to apply to situations in their daily lives.

These classes are un-parented (for children only), however parents are welcome to stay in the comfortable seating of our reception area and enjoy some tea, reading, or simply leave and enjoy the hour to themselves.

Yoga Thrive, with Lauren Hutchings

Thursdays 10:00-11:15am. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

12 week series: $90. Partial registrations accepted, call: 403-220-7749

Yoga Thrive is a research-based, therapeutic yoga program designed by the University of Calgary’s Health & Wellness Lab to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors and their support persons. A cancer diagnosis delivers a breathtaking blow to the body, mind and spirit; Yoga Thrive provides an opportunity to help survivors refocus their attention on what it takes to help them thrive. This gentle therapeutic yoga program provides a nurturing group environment, while imparting the personalized approach necessary to empower each of its participants. Yoga Thrive aims to enhance participant’s overall quality of life by improving mobility, stability, strength, and energy while reducing the pain and side effects of cancer and its treatment. Our students become more relaxed, better able to cope, and comfortable enough to reconnect more deeply to themselves and what is of value to them.

Registration for this series is through the UofC. You can either call their Active Living program: 403-220-7749, or register online at the link above.

BOOMERS Yoga, with Leanne Shannon

Wednesdays, 12:00pm-1:15pm. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

4 week series $64+GST. 6 weeks $96 + GST. Drop-in $18 + GST


This series is specifically focused around issues that affect those over 50 years of age. As we age, regardless of being physically active or spending long hours seated at a desk, the effects on the body catch up to us. Each class will include warm-ups, breathe awareness, active and restorative postures. Benefits of a regular yoga practice for the mature student include better focus, breathing, circulation, and posture, reduced stiffness and stress, and increased strength, flexibility and balance to keep you happy and safe beyond the class.




Yoga for Men, with anton Edwards

Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

6 week series: $90+GST. Drop-ins WELCOME! ($18+GST)

Yoga is for everyone, and even the toughest, strongest, stiffest, and most active guys can benefit from this practice. No need to be able to touch your toes, or do 10 push-ups - come as you are, and be prepared to learn and grow. Yoga for Men is specifically focused around common issues and strengths that men face, and will help those to be comfortable with their most authentic selves: strong, peaceful, focused, internally aware, powerful and compassionate.  In this men only group, you can feel comfortable & confident in exploring yoga’s many realms. From postures to relax tight hips and shoulders, to invigorating breathing techniques and meditative tools to calm a busy mind, and connect more deeply to yourself and others, this practice will open your mind and body to the benefits of yoga.

Baby & Me Yoga, with Meagan Synnott

Mondays 11am-12:15pm. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

6 weeks $96+GST. Drop-in (if space permits) $18+GST


Our wonderful pre & post-natal yoga teacher, Meagan Synnott, supports your continued journey into parent-hood! Baby & Me classes are a great opportunity for both parent and child to socialize, and build a healthy sense of self-care without planning or paying for child-care. During early childhood it can be very difficult for parents to prioritize themselves, and this give you an opportunity to show yourself, and your baby, that you're important too.

Our Baby & Me classes are unique in that they are open to parents with babies and young children (up to toddlers) alike. Younger children will learn to follow along with parts of the class, while you open up, release tension, build strength, restore your energy, and engage and bond with your babe. We welcome all regular parent-baby activities within the class: random feedings, changing, crawling, chatter, and sometimes crying are all part of the program.

Prenatal Yoga, with Meagan Synnott

Tuesdays 5:15pm-6:30pm. Next series in the Fall, check back for more info soon.

6 class pass (good for 3 months): $96+GST. Drop-in $18 + GST

For mommas-to-be, who are looking to get specific insight on keeping a healthy body and mind while moving through this important milestone of your life. This practice is beneficial for both mother and baby. Like all forms of yoga, it enhances the mind/body connection and calms the spirit. The poses are safe for all trimesters and modifications are offered for injuries.

Meagan Synnott has been teaching prenatal as well as other styles of Yoga for many years, and also works as a Dula, helping women through pregnancy and birth. She has two children of her own, and holds the journey of pregnancy and motherhood dear to her heart. Women in this class will gain not only safely build strength and ease and relief from common mamma-to-be aches and pains, but also will learn and gain insight from an experienced and interested mother, dula, and teacher.


Yoga 911, with Teresa Coulter

next series in the Fall.

10 Class pass: ONLY $100! Drop-in: $15+GST


This safe and supported practice is taught for front-line workers by a front-line worker, using language that is culturally sensitive. Teresa has worked as an EMT for 16 years, and shares insights and tools learned through a long-term practice and training in yoga, to help the body & mind recover from high stress and traumatic events.

Attendees will learn techniques that can be used in life and at work to reduce the harmful effects of the job. Each class will include breath work to help calm the nervous system, movements & postures to help release and prevent tension & repetitive strain injuries, and a guided meditation to help with sleep and the strain of shift work.

No previous experience needed. Front-line workers & families welcome! 10 class pass can be used for ANY of the 16 Yoga 911 classes from April 4 - May 25.

Yoga for FREEDOM, with Kelly Blain

Next series in the Fall.

6 week series: $90+GST. Drop-in (if space permits): $18+GST


By adopting the practices of the ancient art and science of yoga, we can move towards eliminating the damaging patterns that no longer serve us. A one-of-a-kind class, for anyone looking for some extra support as they work through challenges and change. Through discussion, and practice you will gain a tool-box of useful skills to cope with and grow from stressful situations, and move towards a more balanced and positive life. Each class will have a different focus, and introduce new concepts and skills to re-train your mind and whole body towards seeing things in a more positive and productive light.

Kelly is trained specifically in using yoga to work through life's more challenging events. Her moto is "Progress, not Perfection", and you'll feel comfortable, supported, and accepted knowing that there is no specific idea of perfection here. Consistent practice makes progress: pair that with the proper tools, and you'll be on your way to a healthier happier state of being!