We're MOVING on up!

Update: We have now MOVED, and are open for business in our NEW HOME on Mainstreet Bowness! Check our CONTACT PAGE for full details on location & parking.

Yes – the News is True! Yoga in Bowness will be MOVING into a new home in October, 2017! Our new space will help us to build deeper connections within our community, and bring a greater sense of energy & unity into our classes. With our new home, we’re looking forward to offering more classes, at more times you want them, longer workshops, and over-all more of what you’ve been looking for. And our beautiful new home also has a big bright window, and street-front access, so no more dirty, dark, back-alley entry-way, and most importantly a quieter space with no noisy neighbors! We're still going to be the same yoga community that you love, with some great improvements!

WHY do we want to move? Since our opening in our current space almost 4 years ago now, we’ve grown significantly and have outgrown our location, and feel that this move is a necessary step towards the sustainability of our community. Our priorities for the studio, and foundations that this community was built on, have always been to provide a comfortable, accessible, and affordable yoga space in Bowness, to build community and deeper connections with people and the true values of yoga. And these priorities have not changed. We are happy to say that the new space allows us to continue honoring these values, and gives us more opportunities to offer more of what you want.

Many of you know that we’ve faced some challenges in this building, and though we've tried to work around these issues for almost 4 years now, they do still interfere with our offerings, and worse: your experience. As a great Yogi once said "You need to either Accept the things you can not Change, or Change the things you can not Accept", and we are ready to make some changes to support the longevity of our community. This was no small decision to make, and though we’re excited to move past these challenges and into new opportunities, it's not without some sadness that we'll say good-bye to the space we've grown up in. But all big changes - and things worth doing - come with challenge, and we know that this is a challenge well worth doing.

WHAT & WHO makes our community what it is, is not in our walls. It’s very important to us that we keep our focus, and the atmosphere of our space the same. We know there have been a lot of great experiences here, and that the energy & "feel" of our space is unique, and what many people say they love so much. But we also know that this feeling doesn't come from the walls or the location of our space - it comes from our People! Our Teachers, staff, students, and the way we operate & what we teach, are what give our space it's amazing warm welcoming feeling - and none of that is changing!

WHERE is this new wonderful location? It's just across the street and east half-a-block in the blue building behind the bus stop. The address is 6323 Bowness Road NW, and our new home is the street-level space with the big window on the right! Check out our CONTACT PAGE for more info on the new location & parking.

WHEN is this all happening? We are expecting to be in & operating from the new space on October 23rd. Renovations have begun, and we’re working hard at building a comfortable and supportive home for us to move into in a few weeks time. During this time, we will continue classes and usual operations from our current space, and hope to have only 1 day of closure at the end of our move. During the week of October 16th, some pieces from the studio will begin to be brought over to the new space, and we may look a little bare & empty for a few days. At the end of that week (Oct. 21 & 22), we'll be finalizing the move, and taking everything else with us. We will be closed on the Sunday (Oct. 22), so we can hopefully re-open in the new space on the morning of Monday (Oct. 23).

HOW can you help? Firstly, if you’re interested in helping with this transition, then we THANK YOU so much! You’re truly a great part of this community, and we’re grateful to have you. The biggest thing you can do, is to just keep coming to classes! Just showing up on your mat, and being a part of this energy is the greatest support we could imagine! However, if you are interested in lending a helping hand during the move, then we would welcome any extra support in the renovations, and man-power to make this move more manageable. If you’d like to volunteer some of your time & effort for the move, then please email Ashley (info@yogainbowness.com) for more information.

And lastly, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we go through this transition, and get settled into our new space. Though we will try to make this move as smooth as possible, like with all change, there is sure to be some bumps and kinks along the way. Please allow some extra time to receive a response to your emails and inquiries over the next few months.

We thank you all so much for being such wonderful bright lights in this community! It's been an amazing 4+ years so far, and I know it will continue to be even better as we go forward. I am so filled with gratitude for all of your love and support for our community, and know we wouldn't be here without all of you! We truly believe this move is going to be a stepping-stone in our growth, and an important piece of bringing our community even closer together. We hope you'll share in the excitement with us, and look forward to classes in our new home soon!

With heart-filled gratitude and utmost appreciation, Love & Light