Bringing people together, and creating community is/and for Yoga!

Yoga in Bowness has always been about more than yoga. There was always a parallel focus on bringing people together, in community, with a common interest. Though to say that this is different from a focus on yoga isn’t totally accurate, as yoga truly is about a bringing together. ‘Yoga’ actually means ‘to yoke’ or ‘connect’, and at the root of the practice, we strive to create unity – with others, and within ourselves. This yoga community (sangha) couldn’t exist without everyone of you who continue to show up, building connections with others, and deeper connections within your self.

Yoga is both the path, and the destination – similarly, commUnity is both the effort you put in, and the reward you take home.

Especially now, in this time in our world, with so much change, so much shifting, and a common sense of chaos, we need connection more than ever! To para-phrase one of the great yoga teachers of our time (Guru Jagat) ‘Community, and spaces for people to gather in community are more important now than ever’. And yet, at the same time, it’s now easier than ever to be removed from community, to lose connection, and to isolate. These opposites often exist in our world, and in our own lives (not just in the sense of solitude & connection but in dualities of all kinds), so if (or when) you may feel the pull to withdraw, the need to remove yourself – for whatever reason – challenge that with the action of involvement – and see how it may bring about more ease and balance to your mind & life.

We’ve continued to survive and thrive because of your support, and because of you, we are where we are now. Our new home is a step towards building a stronger connection, to self, with each other, and within the greater community. As you come into our new space, we invite you to feel into the energy of community, and closer connections: engage in conversations with friends and new acquaintances, and dive deeper into your own self-awareness, and self-connection.  

And just like this community wouldn’t be possible without all of you, our new home wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary help of a few very generous volunteers who put in many hours of manual labor with us to make it all come together so quickly. I’d like to give an extra special thanks to those who were there painting walls, donating & hauling boxes, laying floor boards, and more. Thank you to: both my parents, my partner Dan, Candace, Jacey, Holly, Kristen, Kelly, Rachel, Kara Lee, Richard, Marvin, Donny, Brit, and all of the guys from Simon House who were a huge help in all the heavy lifting! You have all played an invaluable role in the evolution of our community, and filled my heart with so much gratitude and joy to know that you care so much!

So let’s celebrate this community TOGETHER! Come out on Saturday November 25th for a special day of celebrating togetherness, with yoga by donation all day, a local artisan market, and sales on passes – so you can continue to deepen your connection to self & community!