HIRING: Book Keeper & Financial Analyst. Applications due by Dec. 17, 2017

Yoga in Bowness Book Keeper &

Financial Analyst position

The above position is open and available for the best candidate to commence as early as December, 2017, and no later than January, 2018. This role is integral to Yoga in Bowness’s operations and success. The person taking on this role should have adequate and previous experience.

Interested and suitable candidates should submit resume and cover letter to Ashley: ashley@yogainbowness.com, Subject line: Book Keeper Application, no later than Sunday December 17th, 2017.


Job Description

The purpose of this position is to maintain an organized and proper book keeping process and files, manage the day-to-day financial pieces of the business, and offer a financially-informed perspective to the business owner to support decision making. This may include, but is not limited to:

-       Weekly review of client accounts, and communication to staff & clients about concerns & repair of debts owed, or funds needing re-allocation

-       Regular cash-out & deposits

-       Semi-monthly or weekly meetings with owner

-       Monthly invoice creation & collection

-       Monthly writing of cheques

-       Monthly collection & generation of receipts and expense & revenue reports

-       Monthly updates of budgets and KPI reports in Excel

-       Monthly uploads, organization and reconciliation of expenses and revenues into QuickBooks, and Netbanx


Hours: Average of 14-20 hours / month. More hours expected in December & January as we prepare for year end.


Pay: $17-$25 / hour, depending on experience


Role Expectations

-       Monthly collection of receipts, invoices, and expense records from owner

-       Monthly reconciliation and input of expenses and revenues into QuickBooks

-       Monthly & annual update of Budget in Excel

-       Monthly & annual update of KPI (Key performance Indicators) spreadsheet

-       Monthly preparation and collection of invoices from other contractors, with review, and write-up of cheques for payments to be made.

-       Bi-monthly count of cash / cheques in till, with reconciliation of sales in MBO, and deposit of funds.

-       Accurate & honest record keeping of hours worked, and creation of monthly invoice to be submitted to owner of YiB. If hours are outside of range agreed, explanation & record of hours must be presented.

-       Arrange and run weekly, or bi-weekly meetings with owner of YiB to discuss budget, KPIs, and make any necessary suggestions / adjustments

-       Send email notices for requests of needed materials / questions at least 4 days prior to meeting dates.

-       Prepare and present quarterly, and year-end budgets & KPIs with SWOT analysis.

-       Work with accountants to finalize year-end financials

-       Work with accountants to prepare necessary reports and information for tax purposes.

-       Be available to discuss budgetary / expense issues on a regular basis (may include phone calls, emails, or meetings sporadically)

-       Hours worked will be within the above stated range, with more hours put in around year end. Invoices with hours that exceed above stated range will be presented to the owner with justification. Work hours can fit into your schedule at any time of day, with the exception of meetings arranged with owner during regular business hours (M-F, 9-5).


The successful candidate will possess the following:


-       Polite and kind communications

-       Self-motivated, and disciplined to complete work

-       Efficient & Effective time management

-       Organized

-       Detail oriented

-       Reliable, and Timely

-       Trustworthy, and honest in handling cash

-       Willing to travel to studio & Bowness area on a weekly basis.

-       Maintains accurate and up-to-date accounting practice principals

-       Interested in working with small business (owner-manager), and preference for those with an interest in / practice of yoga.

-       Enjoys working with numbers, calculations, and creating mathematical approaches to problems / solutions

-       Has own laptop / computer (preferably with Excel and Word programs), and is willing to use it for work purposes.



-       Highly adept at working on a computer, and able to learn new computer programs efficiently & effectively.

-       Trained in & knowledgeable in accounting and book keeping practices

-       Fluency with Quick-books book keeping software

-       Fluency and ease in working with Excel

-       Ability to understand and update a budget

-       Ability to review budgets and KPIs with an analytical eye, to help make suggestions for business going forward

-       Ability to learn new software & produce specific financial reports, and regularly review & manage client accounts (NetBanx, and MindBodyOnline: MBO)

-       Clear and polite communications in person, and via email.

-       Attention to detail in review and creation of invoices and record of hours / classes, to confirm payments, and write cheques.